+++<<<Incoming transmission>>>+++

-The “Segmented Ones”; (trans.)

To use the word alien to describe something nowadays would be out of place. Since humanity has taken to the stars we have encountered many unique and diverse species and have united with these species for a common cause. With large scale mingling of species no one is alien. However, when you step aboard a Secare hive ship that word re-surges to the fore front of your mind. Everything about the Secare is foreign when you experience their world first hand. Of all the species in the Confederation, they are the most unique.

This is a species who seems to retain a racial memory of the “Time of Queens”. Their society has evolved around complete focus on a task. This whole mindset leads to tasks being accomplished in record times since all members are devoted to the success. There is no bickering, debating, or anything other processes that slow projects down. It is truly an amazing sight to witness.                                                                            -Excerpt from the journal of Sebastian Caine, ConFed Ambasador to the Secare

+<Incoming Probes Detected>+

+<Carrier Signal Lost>+

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