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“I was pinned under debris from the initial bombardment. I was losing blood. I knew the base had been breached but everyone was confused as to who attacked us. Then the devil appeared. His massive frame filled the doorway.  The beast sniffed the air in the room and then his gaze fell upon me. It had a rifle of some sort slung over its back but what stuck in my mind was it held a primitive bladed weapon. The way it held this weapon suggested more than a passing familiarity with how to use it. What I couldn’t understand was It had a gun why would you use a sword? I stared up at it and what I saw in its eyes was not a beast but an intelligence, a sentience. Although it felt like an eternity, his gaze only lingered upon me for a few seconds. It then moved on further down the hallway.  I got the feeling that it did not see me as a threat or even worthy of its attention. I have never been more glad to be seen as insignificant than that moment.”

                                               –Statement of Bernard Glenshaw following the initial assault on the Mars Colonies

Excerpt from Transgalactic: a Space Questby Irt’iem (Melammu Scholar), Chapter 3 The Surviving Species

 Species Traits:

The Telal are the offspring of the genetic experiments initiated by the (…). The Telal consider themselves a warrior race. They live for proving themselves in all aspects of life, of which warfare is seen as the pinnacle of ability. While they have access to modern firearms and combat goods, they view these as extensions of larger scale warfare(…) Telal will favor hand to hand combat (…) and it is regarded as the apex of the warfare experience.  (…) such engagements are seen as a religious experience.

The average Telal is a bit taller but lighter than their Human cousins. They still display the propensity of pursuit hunting, combine with a stamina belied by their thinner frame (…) The Telal skull is the most prominent difference between them and humans. The cranium is enlarged and oblong shaped in the back making it stand approximately twice as high as a human cranium. This is similar to the skull deformation seen in the some of the (…)  The Telal face protrudes slightly from the skull similar to chimpanzees and gorillas on Earth. Their jaws display “fangs” occasionally because of their oversized bicuspids, helping establish their ferocious reputation(…) The enlarged cranium houses the section of the brain that is most likely associated with the Telal’s ability of (…)

The Telal have a unique form of locomotion of the dominant known sentient races. Their arms are slightly longer than the legs which lends them to a form of quadrupedal locomotion called “knuckle walking”(…) They do have the ability to stand and locomote on their rear legs (…) and they seem to switch between them naturally.

The Telal are covered in body hair with the exceptions of the face, palms, and the soles of the feet. Often it is braided into elaborate patterns (…) the more elaborate the pattern the higher the standing in society. One of the worst punishments in Telal society, reserved for only the most heinous of crimes, is a complete shaving of the body.

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