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Excerpt from Transgalactic: a Space Questby Irt’iem (Melammu Scholar), Chapter 3 The Surviving Species

Species traits:

Humans are bipedal mammals with minimal fur coverage descended from Earth’s ape family. They are one of 2 extant species of the Hominini tribe (…)

Humans have a high tolerance of temperatures and are adapted to many environments on their home planet, (…). Their metabolism allows them to ingest and process semi-toxic materials as food. Some of their cultures have ritualized these sorts of meals (…) Their endurance as descendants of pursuit predators lead them to feats of survival which are quite astonishing for our species to hear about.  Not only has it been noted that humans will pursue [prey] on foot for miles until it has worn down, (…) Humans also show a propensity for surviving wounds that would cripple other species.  Even one missing limbs should still be considered dangerous to approach (…)

The human brain is smaller on average than other sentient species, but possesses  a higher concentration of gyri and sulci that help cognition and thought.  Although not able to communicate telepathically, humans retain a great empathy which helps them in the cosmic stage to interface with other (…)

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